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Acclaimed Danish designer Erik Buch was born in 1923 in Copenhagen and created some exquisite furniture designs in his lifetime.  One of his most iconic and enduring furniture pieces is his Model 61 bar stool, widely known simply as ‘The Erik Buch Stool’.


This designer stool, as supplied by Tomas Kitchen Living, is made in Denmark by Hammel, the authorised manufacturer.  The frames are available in solid oak, walnut, beech and teak in various finishes and there are several colour options for the seat leather.

The seat, which can be specified to rotate if required is comes with two height options:

Kitchen height (690mm) suitable for sitting at a typical 900mm high kitchen countertop.

Bar height (770mm) which is for a raised boxBAR or similar application.

The Buch Stool first appeared in 1960 and looks as relevant and beautiful today as ever - truly a Danish modern classic! 

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My name is Tomas Hinton, co-founder, co-director and designer for Tomas Kitchen Living. We manufacture beautiful kitchens, free-standing cabinets and tables at our dedicated production centre in Cambridge. We also have showrooms in North London, St Albans and Cambridge - where we display the iconic Erik Buch Stools.

Ever since my Danish wife and I set up the Tomas brand over ten years ago, we have been enthusiastic dealers for some of the top names in Danish furniture and lighting. For all this time, we have been importing the authentic Erik Buch stools for our kitchen clients. 

Now for the first time, we have decided that it would be really great to bring this wonderful piece of furniture to a wider audience and so have created this dedicated website.


I also wanted to highlight the fact that this is the genuine article, made in Denmark by Hammel, the authorised manufacturer. You might notice that there are various knock-off versions on the web, and every now and then you’ll see chunkier versions in bars and restaurants. I am pretty sure that the buyers will not have heard of Erik Buch and often won’t even know that they are buying a stolen design! 

Well, as our Danish friends say, the best way forward in the fight against plagiarism is to educate and raise awareness about the real thing.


So here it is, without further ado, it is my great pleasure to present the very wonderful Erik Buch Stool!